Increase Laboratory Productivity – The Benefits of an iPad Mini Wirelessly Connected to a 96 Well Pipettor

Taking control of the world’s smallest 96 channel pipettor is as simple as starting the App on the iPad. A wireless connection is made automatically, and you are on your way to higher productivity and fewer mistakes.

But have you ever stopped to think about why an iPad connected wirelessly to the microPro makes so much sense? It’s not just the WOW factor. Below we explore the top five benefits of the microPro and its wireless connection to the iPad mini.

microPro 300 iPad Controller

Compact and Portable:

By separating the controller from the instrument we were able to keep the footprint to less than a square foot, freeing up usable space wherever you use it. At eleven pounds, the microPro is easy to move in and out of your biosafety cabinet.

96 Channel Pipette

Avoid Contamination Issues:

Whether you are pipetting in a biosafety cabinet, flow hood or anaerobic chamber, the iPad can stay outside. In fact, once you are set up, programs can be executed without having to touch the iPad.

96 Well Pipettor


Multiple pipettors used with a single iPad controller or multiple iPad controllers and a single microPro, both scenarios work, enabling the ultimate user flexibility in your lab.

iPad Controlled 96 Channel Pipettor

Program-at-Your-Desk Convenience:

The iPad gives you the flexibility to program in simulation mode, away from the lab and without needing a connection to the microPro.

iPad Mini Benchtop Pipettor

Powerful Apple iPad Platform:

Beautiful touchscreen that’s easy to see and use and deep memory reserves so you can store thousands of protocols on your iPad. And microPro software updates are downloadable right from the Apple App store.

And it’s an iPad, so all the great productivity Apps available on the Apple App store can be installed and used on your microPro iPad. The microPro will increase your productivity and reduce human error in a compact, easy to use and affordable package.

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