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Biotechniques Press Release

Biotechniques Press Release

We are so excited to work with Biotechniques to announce our new product.  Keep an eye out for it on their website, or you can read the full press release below:

AVIDIEN TECHNOLOGIES is pleased to announce the launch of the microPro 300 96-channel pipettor and controller App for the Apple iPad Mini.  The microPro 300 is a winner of the SLAS 2017 New Product Award and was recognized for its innovative features.  The system combines a wirelessly connected touch-screen tablet with a compact semi-automated pipetting station.  The instrument delivers unparalleled ease-of-use and programming capability that will improve your laboratory’s productivity while ensuring consistent protocol results.  The user interface is designed for intuitive editing of several preconfigured program modes as well as a flexible custom format that easily accommodates more complex applications.  The microPro is capable of working in both 96 and 384 well microplates for a variety of protocols including plate to plate transfers, ELISA assays, extraction protocols, cell culture media replenishment, library screens and more.           

The instrument simulates a handheld pipetting experience in a 96-channel format.  The pipette head is raised and lowered by hand and is perfectly counterbalanced, providing a light feel to the end-user while reducing risk of repetitive stress injury.  The microPro has a wide volume range and is capable of transfers between 5μL and 300μL in a variety of pipetting modes with impressive accuracy and reproducibility.  Tip crash and blocked-tip events are completely eliminated with fully automated pipetting depth recall (PDR) feature that is easy to program for each step of a protocol.  The microPro also incorporates a pre-assembled tip cartridge that installs with a light touch and ejects automatically with a simple button press.  The RingLock feature of the tip cartridge ensures secure, leak-free performance over the life of the instrument.  Two microplate nests are stacked vertically providing quick and convenient liquid transfers while maintaining the instrument’s small footprint, simplicity and portability.  Compact and weighing less than 5kg, the microPro is the first truly portable 96-channel benchtop pipettor that fits easily in a laminar flow hood or on your crowded lab bench.

The microPro Controller App is available for free download from the Apple Store and comes with a long list of well though-out features.  There are five preconfigured pipetting modes that are easily edited using the touchscreen interface; modes include simple pipetting, repeat and variable dispense, sample dilution, and multi-aspirate functions.  A convenient mixing step can be added to the end of these pipetting modes.  Ten pipetting speeds ensure a range that spans from fast and efficient to slow and gentle.  In addition, a powerful custom programming mode gives you the ability to tailor a program to your protocol’s exact needs.  In custom program, you can build from a choice of logical pipetting steps, such as aspirate, dispense or mix.  Pop-up instructions can be used to guide the operator though the steps of a complicated protocol, reducing costly errors.  Thousands of your commonly used programs are easily saved as Favorites and then recalled for use later with a simple touch of the screen. In regulated environments, the App can be locked down, allowing use but prohibiting edits without a password.  Finally, special liquids can be created, saved and activated quickly for optimum performance with non-aqueous reagents.

Avidien Technologies is a Massachusetts company that was established in 2012 by a team of dedicated liquid handling engineers.  Together we have decades of pipetting experience and are responsible for creating more than a few of the great lab products you use today.  Our goal is to provide the best liquid handling tools in a contemporary and easy to use package that simplifies the work that you do.  We think you will love our products, so check us out at www.avidien.com.