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Industry of Innovation

Industry of Innovation

SLAS wrote a great article about new products and the entrepreneurs behind them, including a conversation with our founder, Rich Cote.  See the excerpt below, or read the full article here . . . 

New Products Taking Center Stage in Life Sciences Discovery and Technology

Innovators and entrepreneurs behind the top technologies featured at SLAS2017 were armed with diverse discoveries that ranged from an advance in nucleic acid extraction, to an automated benchtop micropipettor, to a fully automated single cell transfection technology for adherent cells. The companies behind these new ideas in life sciences discovery and technology share what’s next.

Horacio D. Espinosa’s promising young company, infinitesimal (Skokie, IL) barely had time to put its new name on the door before receiving both a position on SLAS2017 Innovation AveNEW, which awards prime exhibit-floor space to emerging, start-up companies, and an SLAS New Product Award (NPA), which focuses on innovations that offer exceptional market impact and opportunity. Each year companies flock to SLAS to broadcast news of their latest ideas and leverage the Society’s unparalleled support for entrepreneurs in life sciences discovery and technology.

For infinitesimal, the exhibit space and award generated valuable awareness, validation and feedback from throughout the community for the company’s Nanofountain Probe single-cell electroporation system (NFP-E). “It is always difficult to appreciate how hard development of technology start-ups are,” says Espinosa, an SLAS Technology author and former editorial board member. “We discovered a lot of interest and excitement for the NFP-E at the SLAS2017 Exhibition. Finding that kind of feedback is invaluable.”