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Simple Pipette with Mix couldn't be easier with a friendly user interface that allows you to quickly set all the necessary parameters and add a mix step if desired.

Repeat Dispense is perfectly straightforward.  Quickly and easily set the volume and total number of dispenses.

Variable Dispense with increased flexibility allows the user to set a number of dispenses with unique volumes, container depths, and speeds.

Dilute with Mix is setup quickly and easily through the intuitive interface that already has the Air Gap pre-arranged for you between two aspirate steps.

Multi-Aspirate with Mix, similar to Variable Dispense, allows the user to easily set a number of aspirates with unique volumes, containers, and speeds.

Custom programs are the ultimate in convenience.  Any user can create a custom program that arranges all the steps in whatever order is required; including the ability to create unique instructions steps that can be used to help prevent errors during long and complex assays.