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Warranty and Customer Support

The microPro 300 comes with a one year limited warranty.  And, our responsive Customer Support group would be happy to help you with any questions you might have about the instrument or its applications.  Please contact us anytime via support@avidien.com or call 1-978-634-1404.

Calibration and Maintenance

The microPro300 is calibrated following ISO 8655-1:2002 which defines calibration methodology and environmental conditions for air displacement pipettes.  Our recommended calibration provider is TTE Laboratories (Hopkinton, MA – www.pipettes.com), and their staff is fully trained on the calibration procedures for the instrument.  More information about ISO 8655 can be found here.

The microPro is calibrated using gravimetric analysis techniques.  This is the most common and direct pipette calibration method and as such, we do not use optical density measurements in determining instrument performance.  The test protocol’s sampling plan ensures that channels are operating within Avidien’s published specification limits for accuracy and reproducibility (CV%).  A detailed description of the test procedure and the supporting statistical analysis is available upon request.

Calibration and Maintenance Details

FAQ - Calibration and Maintenance